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Why it's counter-productive to let a normal cleaning company deal with your chandelier cleaning

Posted on August 20, 2014 at 4:14 PM Comments comments (52)
Okay, so you'll probably be expecting us to wax about this particular subject. However, there are quite a number of reasons why it's a negative idea to let a normal 'cleaner', or cleaning company, deal with your chandeliers and light fittings.
They can often do more bad than good!

Cleaning chandeliers requires a special amount of patience, determination, and above-all, eye for detail.
That simple wipe with a feather duster once a month simply won't do it.

You have to use a mixture of care, and it helps if it's a labour of love!

Use the wrong chemicals on chandeliers, and not only can you completely spoil any glass or crystal droplets it contains, but you can also severely compromise the integrity of the chandelier frame, links, pins etc, causing them to rust and perish.

Dust and grime can gather in very intricate places on chandeliers. DO NOT let someone inexperienced attempt to clean these parts!
This requires special knowledge of the general construction of chandeliers; how they are assembled, and where to draw the line between causing irrevocable damage to that treasured piece!
Choose someone who isn't knowledgeable about this, and they will either 'pretend' they have cleaned these intricate parts of your chandelier, or begin the difficult task of unassembling bits and pieces from the chandelier, reassembling it incorrectly, or accidentally putting pieces in the wrong place, causing untold risks to furniture and family.

Ask us for a free quote. You will be surprised at what we're able to offer. We don't pass on years of onerous expensis we had to fork out to learn our trade- we simply picked up our expertise through being the South coast's largest & longest-established lighting store!